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>>Let's Learn From the New World's Billionaire Warren Buffet
by AzrinJr.
Written on: 3/12/2008

From $10,000 to $30 Million..How the hell he does it?? Let's try to dig out how and what he is investing in till he become the world billionaire.

Did you know that a $10,000 investment in Berkshire Hathaway in 1965, the year Warren Buffett took control of it, would grow to be worth nearly $30 million by 2005? By comparison, $10,000 in the S&P 500 would have grown to only about $500,000. Whether you like him or not, Buffett's investment strategy is arguably the most successful ever. With a sustained compound return this high for this long, it's no wonder Buffett's legend has swelled to mythical proportions.

But how the heck did he do it? In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the most important tenets of Buffett's investment philosophy.

Buffett's Philosophy

Warren Buffett descends from the Benjamin Graham school of value investing. Value investors look for securities with prices that are unjustifiably low based on their intrinsic worth. When discussing stocks, determining intrinsic value can be a bit tricky as there is no universally accepted way to obtain this figure. Most often intrinsic worth is estimated by analyzing a company's fundamentals.

Like bargain hunters, value investors seek products that are beneficia
l and of high quality but under-priced. In other words, the value investor searches for stocks that he or she believes are undervalued by the market. Like the bargain hunter, the value investor tries to find those items that are valuable but not recognized as such by the majority of other buyers. Warren Buffett takes this value investing approach to another level. Many value investors aren't supporters of the efficient market hypothesis, but they do trust that the market will eventually start to favor those quality stocks that were, for a time, undervalued.

Buffett, however, doesn't think in these terms. He isn't concerned with the supply and demand intricacies of the stock market. In fact, he's not really concerned with the activities of the stock market at all. This is the implication this paraphrase of his famous qu
ote : "In the short term the market is a popularity contest; in the long term it is a weighing machine."(see What Is Warren Buffett's Investing Style?)

article from:

tags: Warren Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway, Benjamin Graham school, S&P 500
Edited by: Azrin Zahari at


Hi..It's been a while though, I have left blogging, since I moved to my new place, Highland Quadrangle. Always got tonnes of works ahead, not counting the pain-in-the-ass Calculus homework that seems never gonna have a fullstop. I have just finished my first summer course, it is computer science 103, a Matlab programming course. Thanks God! I did well in that course. I think that I am heading to a new division of life. I stop doing nonsense things, or fooling around. Try getting around with people, making a better communication with my Lord. Everything seems moving sporadically, not mentioning that I am gaining much new experiences, day by day.

I dunno what da hell are people protesting hysterically about, back in Malaysia. Due to hiking oil price globally, Malaysia also feels the impact. Subsidized petroleum has been declined, adding much burdens on my parents and others backbones. But I keep wondering, what would be the point of doing a riot, or a street protest, as things would not gonna change easily by throwing bad words on the government, pointing fingers on each other. Would dat gonna change the price per barrel of the crude oil? Would that gonna boost our economy though? Sometimes, it is something more intelligent, we shud approach.

Projected Crude Oil Price Per Barrel Versus Corresponding Year
by Official Energy Statitics of U.S Government

Oil price hikes, daily items and groceries skyrocket too. Why? What are the specific, or chemical reaction occures between crude oil with my "nasi lemak and roti canai"? If before I flew to U.States one year ago, it is enough to carry a dollar for 'Warung Mamak', as it is only 60 cents for roti canai, and another 20 cents (applicable for Warungs around KL) for that 'juicy' skyjuice, but today, I wonder if I could carry 5 dollars instead for my breakfast once I go back to Malaysia.

(Picture taken as of 05/28/2008)

Photo by AzrinPhoto by Azrin

In States, it is slightly different. The is no direct, or proportional reaction between gas price and groceries, thanks to Walmart ( symbol: WMT on NYSE) I guess. Haha..It comes to my thinking that how could the retailers in States maintain their daily prices no
matter how crazy the gas price is. Talking about Walmart, the company is ranked No.1 by Fortune 500 and No.16 by Forbes 2000 . Their outstanding share, can reach up to 59.95 per unit equity, with return on equity(ROE) closely to 20.4%.

Walmart photo by Azrin
In Nashville, TN only, they already have setup 10 stores (including superstores and pharmacy units). Thus, it means that people in Nashville, for instance, has a vast stock of food and groceries, that also never be affected by the fluctuating gas price. This is a good economic indicator, especially to consumers, that never has to put worries on their daily products consumption.

Back to Malaysia, as far as I am concern, if we consider the case of the limited stock for the cooking oil and sugarcane, it is due to the non-efficient production, increasing utilites (water, electricity) rates, production limitation plus some stock-hiding activities among small retailers,hoping for the price to be increased. As we all know, the main state that produce processed sugarcane is Perlis, which is at the northwest of peninsular Malaysia. The transportational cost to deliver the stocks from Perlis, all the way down to the very south of Malaysia (Johor) and east coast region, would buy us a lot of time, and gasoline.

Wake Up Call For Malaysians

If people start crunching their old-minded thoughts, and leading their heads to a better solution, than just having a riot or protest, we can overcome this problem. We need to setup much more refining and processing factories, all around the country, at least one per state, climbing up the number of retailers like Giants, Carrefour, and Macro, in order to cut down the prices of delivery and also reducing the power of middleman, we are able enough to stimulate our economy again.

One of the economic experts responded on former deputy PM of Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim on his debate to reduce the gas price into half, saying that reducing the price is not a brilliant way to solve the problem. It is just a short-term goal, by someone who does not know much on economics, but more on self-popularity. He said that if the 'reduce' happens, by 2012, the price would be much much worse, it could probably tripled, as Malaysia is not the major export country of petroleum in the world, and also considering the weakness of Petronas wealth management in today's stock markets.

to be continued..

tags: Anwar Ibrahim, Petronas Malaysia, Giants, Carrefour, self-popularity

>>Brownies Recipe from Someone We Call 'Expert'!..Haha

Someone has just replied my wish! My prayer was just answered! Haha..I've been asking people a quick and easy-to-follow recipe on making brownies last night, but this morning, I woke up and saw a pop-up screen on my laptop, the recipe of making brownies in easier way! Gosh! Thank you so much to this Vandy girl. Now, let's put this recipe into practice at the kitchen! Haha!

Resepi Brownies Azrin
credits to: Lilo_ohana0206 for the quick recipe!

tags: brownies recipe, quick and easy recipe


  • Travel the whole United States, few parts of Canada and also europe.
  • Graduate with honor from Vanderbilt
  • Get a fresh start in a well-known engineering firm in Malaysia
  • Then, pursue my master degree in United Kingdom, also obtain my BBA
  • Get married as soon as I finish my studies with whoever that happens to be my bride of pride
  • Before that, I have to date her on a bridge somewhere around Stamford Bridge,UK and that day suppose to be raining lol, to make things more romantic..haha!
  • We settle down with 4 kids ( 2 boys, 2 girls) cause she might say "Im tired honey".
  • My little boys and girls must be very naughty, talkative( a lot), toilet-trained, high of curiosity and love asking so that I wont feel bored while driving..haha
  • I shud read them bedtime stories like my father did except that they have to brush their teeth first
  • I wanna raise them abroad, so that they would be more competent, open-minded and self-reliantThe Stamford Bridge Stadium
  • We watch football games at Stamford every Sunday, wear all-blue attire, shouting and yelling together!
  • I send my parents to holyland of Mecca, go on vacation with family members to Irish islands.
  • I wanna my kids to be whoever they wanna be ( nurse, police, or even athletes, doesn't have to be like me, or a doctor or a lawyer, as long as they are doing right things)
  • I open up my own company, expand it from state to Meccaanother, holding major shares in few big companies
  • Then, I can rest much, preparing life for afterlife.
  • I sit close to my wife, hold her shaky old hands, we love each other like the first day that we met at the bridge..and watch our kids grow up
  • We hold tight, until I close my eyes, and she close hers...

The Bridge by Azrin

The Bridge over River Derwent, Stamford Bridge, UK

by: Azrin Zahari To: The Future Me
tags: bucket lists, River Derwent, Stamford Bridge, Chelsea FC

>>Muslim Billionaire thrives in India Suburb

It's a good news to all my brothers and sisters out there. We today are not just a bunch of numbers, but at least we make a progress towards the tangible today's market. I should be proud when I read this article from Wall Street Journal, as I would be rare to find the term 'Muslim billionaire' in any of the sections in the journal, but now, we have one to keep.

I was wondering that how Russia produces the most billionaires in the world, followed by U.States and so on. We have millionaires in Malaysia, but still waiting for the billionaires to come out from the list. Hmm..Whatever it is, we will have one or two or couple mores one day. InsyaAllah..Amiin..hehe!

If you guys couldnt find the exact article on the WSJ, you may proceed reading about this Indian Muslim guy successful story, just a portion from the whole article.

BANGALORE, India—The world’s richest Muslim entrepreneur defies conventional wisdom about Islamic tycoons: He doesn’t hail from the Persian Gulf, he didn’t make his money in petroleum, and he definitely doesn’t wear his faith on his sleeve.

A native of Mumbai, Azim Premji has tapped India’s abundant engineering talent to transform a family vegetable-oil firm, Wipro Ltd. (WIT), into a technology and outsourcing giant. By serving Western manufacturers, airlines and utilities, the company has brought Mr. Premji a fortune of some $17 billion—believed to be greater than that of any other Muslim outside of Persian Gulf royalty.

Such success, Mr. Premji says in an interview, shows that globalization—a force Islamist activists decry as Western neocolonialism—is turning into “two-way traffic” that can bring tangible benefits to developing countries.

Mr. Premji’s rise is already inspiring some Indian Muslims to embrace the modern, globalized world. “He’s an icon. He shows that excellence has no caste and no creed, and that if one has excellence, one can make it to the top,” says Mohamed Javeed, principal of Bangalore’s predominantly Muslim Al-Ameen College. One of the students, Mohammed Nasseer, enthuses, “I’d love to become like Premji one day.”

A role model like Mr. Premji might seem to be what India’s Muslims need. Though the country’s economy is growing at 9% a year, the vast majority of India’s estimated 150 million Muslims—the largest Islamic population in the world after Indonesia and Pakistan—remain socially marginalized, badly educated and mired in deep poverty. By and large, they’re left out of the social transformation that is propelling millions of their Hindu compatriots into prosperity, as barriers of caste disappear and India’s new corporate giants provide opportunities that never existed before.

After reading the article, I did a little bit research about his company. Guess what! His company has been already listed on NYSE. You can check out the recent quote of the stock price by entering the company symbol WIT. The company is quite competitive, and did well on the first and quarter of the year, with a better ROE than Wal-mart , which is 24.9% return on equity. Then I created my own portfolio on, to get a real-time market value and profit/loss percentage.

This is the result from my Paparich Portfolio 2:

As of August 1st 2008, on 5.27 PM Eastern Time, Wipro Limited has increased it's cost per share value to $11.44, climb ups to 1.6% from the open price today. Yesterday price was closed at $11.29 and was opened at $11.19. This means that today, I have gained $+0.07 profit, with the total gain/loss since the day that I created this portfolio, is $+0.62.

From the chart that I created from ING market watch above, it indicates that Wipro Ltd. is worth of investment. It is a muslim company, a global IT services company that provides a comprehensive range of IT services, software solutions, and IT consulting. It would be permissible by Islam and Sharia law to invest in this company, supporting the Muslim business to the optimum level.

If we look carefully to the chart, which shows the daily stock price from the early of July till August 1st. WIT stock price has been passing the $11.75 per stock level, and also declined to as low as $10.50 per stock.

tags: Muslim billionaire, wipro ltd., stock portfolio, , Fortune 500, paparich portfolio, frontier oil, earning per share, Sharia law, ING sharebuilder.


As for this special day for all Moms all over the world, I would proudly say that I have been growing with the best Mom ever..I love to share the world about who is she to me..

Maybe she's not the one that you cant compare with your educational level, as she was just a high school graduate, maybe you cant rely on her to help you finishing you calc or math homeworks, as all she knows is just adding and subtracting numbers, or maybe you cant ask her to buy you a Bulgari watch or the latest Macintosh machines, as she just has a small, worn-out leather purse contains pennies and coins, enough to buy a pound of fresh spinach for lunch, but this woman has everything that I want from someone that you call a "Mom","Momma", "Ummi" or "Mummy" or whatever you call her, you just name it..

But me, I call her "Mi". She is simple. She is awesome. She is my trusted sidekick of my life. I just gave her a rang few days before the final exams started, and she was so worry bout it, more than I did. She told me to find out some refreshment, not to overstressed, dont forget to pray on time, and another pour of good advices that a Mom would give to her son before sitting a big exam..She prayed for me a lot, everyday, and night, she told me that she prayed to God for my success, everytime she finished her daily prayer.

Just after the exams finished, everything was going on casual. I called her for few times, we chatted for hours (no wonder my phone bill for last month reached 300 USD)..We laughed, and some sort of "cuddling" on phone..haha! She always make me happy, laughters are mandatory, tears are temporary, and she just turned out to be so special all this while...

Sometimes I kept thinking why we, people, are loving other people, more than we are loving our mothers..I feel so stupid when I thought that I love my girl so much, till forget to pay my responsibility to the one that always there for you, no matter how bad are you...

She asked me "How's your girlfren duin??". I just replied, spontaneously, "Emm..NOt good laa Mi..huhu"..Then she added "Its ok laa..Jaga diri yin baik-baik dulu sblum jaga org lain".."O.K Mi..hehe". That's how it went everytime she asked me something more private..But Im so open with her, she knows everything, even I hide it or lie..


Would that DAZZLE you, Sir??

Hi..Its quite a while I havent updated my blog..Its kinda busy down here in Vanderbilt.Gosh, my semester has just ended and it means, my freshman year is all over..Never thought that its gonna to be this quick, I am feeling that I have just put down my bags from Nashville airport yesterday from Malaysia, and pooof! today, I am going to enter my sophomore year this fall..Fuwhh..I dont wanna my time here moves this quick but then, it does, and I really dont want it! haaha! why? I dont wanna go back to Malaysia so early.There is a lot of things to be done here, to be learnt and to be experienced..I love being here, I learn a lot, gain much experiences..If you watch the movie titled "21", based on a true story, about a boy from MIT, who busted the Vegas system in order to earn him enough money to pay his for his pre-medic program in Harvard..He went to apply for a scholarship, called Robinson Scholarhip program, and the interviewer really2 didnt think that he is qualify for the scholarship. He is a 4.0, solid, in all his semesters, actively involved in science projects, and a very-very damn smart person. But he is just lack of one thing, it is "life experience"..

The interviewer asked him to tell him any of his life experience that can DAZZLE him and make him qualify the scholarship. Too bad that time, as he was just a kid, a school nerd, just having his life with books and microchips. To cut short the story, the MIT boy came again one day, this time , he gonna tell the world that he is full of life experience. He told the interviewer about how he and his mates made thousands of money in Vegas during weekend, how they beat the intelligent Vegas gambling softwares, how they manipulate the High Low System of card counting in Blackjack games, and how they were narrowly get caught of counting card, as it is illegal in Vegas..

And then, he asked the interviewer back, "Would that DAZZLE you ,Sir?"..
The room turned into silent....

You gotta watch it by yourself okay!

Watch The 21 The Movie Trailer Here

tags: 21 movie, MIT students, MIT blackjack, Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth, 21 trailer, Vanderbilt, , Robinson scholarship.


As of 31st January 2008, Malaysia seems has successfully maintained its ecxchange rate of 3.23581 which equivalent to a unit dollar of America. This a great economic kick-start for the year of 2008, and economists predict that by the end of this year, Ringgit would capable enough to challenge the US dollars with better rates of 3.00 MYR for 1 USD. Follow below report from a local tabloid:

Indeks Komposit meningkat 9.17 mata di akhir dagangan
Utusan Malaysia-31/01/2008 6:29pm

KUALA LUMPUR 31 Jan. — Bursa Malaysia mengakhir dagangan hari ini dengan kedudukan kukuh setelah pulih daripada kejatuhan awal ekoran belian susulan khususnya ke atas kaunter-kaunter perladangan dan kewangan, kata peniaga.
Pasaran saham tempatan akan ditutup esok sempena cuti umum Hari Wilayah.
Pada pukul 5 petang, Indeks Komposit Kuala Lumpur (IKKL) meningkat 9.17 mata atau 0.66 peratus kepada 1,393.25 mata selepas dibuka lebih rendah 2.51 mata, atau 0.2 peratus iaitu pada 1,381.57 mata.
Antara saham-saham sektor perladangan yang meningkat termasuk IOI Corp. yang naik 0.5 sen kepada RM7.10, Kuala Lumpur Kepong menokok 30 sen kepada RM17.50 dan Kulim (M) Bhd naik 15 sen kepada RM8.10.
Manakala, kaunter-kaunter kewangan yang meningkat termasuk Public Bank naik 30 sen kepada RM11.40, AMMB Holdings menokok lapan sen kepada RM3.66 dan RHB Capital naik 0.5 sen kepada RM5.35.
Kaunter untung mengatasi kaunter rugi dengan 399 kepada 361 manakala 256 kaunter tidak berubah, 407 tidak diniagakan dan 38 digantung.
Jumlah dagangan meningkat kepada 806.792 juta saham bernilai RM1.964 bilion berbanding 781,877 juta bernilai RM1.830 bilion semalam.

tags: Malaysia ringgit compare to US dollars, MYR, USD, AMMB Holdings, KLSE, IKKL, index composites.

It's All About You>>

A Sweet Song for Sweet Persons of Mine

Here comes 2008, leaving the past 2007 behind, with lots of memories, victories, and nvertheless, painful histories too..Now it's time for 2008 to kick-in, promising much more chances and opportunities in life..The december has passed, but please give me a space here to make wishes to these three most beautiful and trusted sidekicks in my life, my Mom, my lil sis and my KiWi too..Happy birthday to all of you in past december..I will grant all of your wishes if you ask me too! huhu...

I hereby dedicate this sweet song to these three sweet persons in my entire life..Guess you make my life worthwhile! Love you guys till the end!

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year too! Take good care of yourselves!

p/s: I Love You All


Going for a trip during this winter break? Why not going for somewhere that would be the best place and the best to experience? Wherever you go, ensure that everything is well-planned first, with ample knowledge on the place that you would be visiting for. I am planning on going to Minneapolis,Minnesota, the north star city of US. It is also know as Twin City as there are two main cities in the heart of Minnesota, Minnneapolis and St. Paul. I would be staying there for 5 days and 4 nights, in AmericInn Hotel from Dec.25 till Dec.29. Pray for my safety there and hope that everything would be just fine!! Thank you!

::Things-to-do In Minnesota::

-Go on crazy shopping at the largest mall in States at Mall Of America, with indoor theme park, Legoland and more..

-Visiting the biggest Target s
tore and headquater, equipped with basketball courts..

-Have a ride at Minnesota Roller Coaster, Shakopee, and they call it "UltimateRollerCoaster!!"..

-Witnessing the freezing Mississippi 2nd largest river in States and among the longest river in the world with 3,766 km long..

-An evening at Nicolet Mall..Catch the great Christmas midnight view.

-The great Minneapolis shuttle service: Hiawatha Ligth Rail.

-Feed your lovely dolphins at MN Zoo and have a nice pics at the large spoon replica..

Have A Nice Holidays To All! Bye!! See Ya aLL in Jan 2008!!

tags: Minnesota, Mall of America, Shakopee, Mississippi river, America longest river, Target headquarter, Ultimate roller coaster.

A token from my heart>>

A journey of six years...I shud think twice before taking this overwhelming risk..It's not going to be easy..Its not always going to be successful..but at least it's not a fake promise, its a token from bottom of my heart..
If people wud say that this is something stupid and ridiculous, I thought the same thing too..but what i learnt from my CS prof., is duin something bad to obtain something gud..but this is not really a bad thing, neither a good one too..i wud be regretful for the rest of my life if i fail..
I shudn't sacrifice my love for only a simple matter like this, but for me, it's all about dignity, my pride n my family...I rather live in hardship even it is full of difficulties, but at least, i have my own pride and dignity...
6 years..Its not a short period of time..Its a long way to go..but its outrun me now..Would i able duin this..i dunno..Would i really turn into someone after that 6 years..we, what do i know?..i say..i know nothing..and i say..I only know that i'm gonna make it! No matter how, no matter why..
If i fail, i shudnt turn my face to the same face anymore..i shud be ashame of myself..and if i fail, the cost is too high and unafforcdable..but i will pay for it..even i lose..And if i make it, everything wud be juz fine..perfect..I gain my pride..I gain my precious dignity..
6 years is the game that im gambling now..either i win or i wud be called as a loser..i determine it...Thank you Hilmi..Sorry Aliya..Thank you to all friends who are behind me..I dont deserve to be called as a man if i dun make it..i promise u guys dat im not joking around with this promising.
Its not a fake one..Its a true story of my life that wud be written thoroughly in six years of life chapters..Its not going to be easy..
Its not going to be dat simple..It wud be so hard, so tough..I wud stand still and raise my flag of victory...Its a token from my heart..that wud be discovered within six more years...bye...
6 years..Time to buy and time to lose..I wud stand still as a someone...


Heyyaa..Im back for a while..Hmm..what's hot on this week ha? Nothing much. Only the hustle and bustle of living in a private University like offense!...While gaspering for ideas on how to get on with a 'powerful study methods', my mind keeps reminding of a favourite character that i adore the KiWi..My friends in Malaysia keep updating me with the comic character, but still, im unsatisfied with what did i get from them..I wanna read it by myself..i miss her...

Might be many of us do not know well bout this character..She was introduced by Ben Wong, a famous manga artist from Malaysia, thru his best-selling and award-winning comic, LeGardenie, produced weekly in Utopia magazine. This is my all-time favorite comic, the best collection that i ever have since high school. What not, i bought a full series of LeGardenie part one which was published on September 2006 (i guess so!), and i gave it away to someone that i thought would better understand what is a true relationship is all about.

From what I know , KiWi has not returned yet to her hometown. She has left the town, without noticing anyone,after she was neglected by her own best partner, Orange, which they both had met since their were kids..She has dissappeared from the comics for many episodes and keep me wondering of when would she return back to her old life..I miss her appearance so much..And i would say that i hate whoever people who are as selfish and self-arrogance like Orange..What type of guy he is? Does he deserve to be called as a 'guy' anyway? i dun think so!!..

Kiwi..Do come back..Everyone loves you..And you are so meaningful...Please..return...


-15 year old 'funky' girl
-Loves blue and green colors
-158 cms
-42 kg
-Blood type: AB (just like me!!huhu)


-I think that she is so so naughty and cheerful girl.
-Nice,caring and protective.
-Brave, tomboyish, and sometimes stubborn! huhu..
-Honest and trusworthy..someone that we can rely on...

i MISS her presence..Hoping that she would come back in the next series....Hopefully!!


I just browsed for kiwis picture in Google and suddenly, i spot a site from Malaysia, showing the latest comics featured in market..Guess what! The next series of LeGardenie is out for sale!!
i was so surprised! So excited! Delighted! I can't say anythin g bout this anymore..No more hesitation, i bought one for my collection! This is the proof, im not talking nonsense :

This the latest comic that i just bought!

A Journey To Be Remembered>>
( Newly updated )

Why im not as a good boy as I used to be..I forget who i am, where do i come from, why do i come for, and who has sacrificed a lot for me..Suddenly, this reminds me about a story of a young boy from Dungun...
I did well in my MARA Trial exam and got two offers, one for Japan in engineering, and another for medic in Russia..Sadly, i flunked both..I was so sad that time, thinking how useless and how stupid i was that time...but i bliv in one thing which is "If it is not good for me, then, God wont give it to me.."..I relied fully on Him..I prayed always to Him, never stop hoping on Him to grant me whatever which are the best for me..

Time passed quickly..I passed the spm with flying colors..and qualified for overseas programs under Mara and Petronas..I really enjoyed myself during my interview in was so much fun, though the competition was really2 tough..week after that, i went to KL for Mara interview..It was also an enjoyable one..i told my interviewers that i wanna go to UK so much, bcoz i wanna watch football there..what a stupid answer might affect their judgement over me, for going to overseas just to watch"football"..huhu..but that was what i said to them..and i told them i wanna be rich, having my own automobile company, like SM Nasarudin, NAZA Group founder, and they just laughed and smiled at me, giving a cynical looking at this ambitious young boy..
It was almost 10 in the morning, having my breakfast, pondering and waiting for the interview's results..My mom said "Dont worry bout it too much Yin..Its okay to further studies in Malaysia..It is just the same thing with overseas "(said my mom, translated in english). I just stood still, giving no responds. But inside me, i was saying to myself that if i still failed in both recent interviews, i would rather taking STPM, than going to local universities..
It was a red letter day for me actually..Came my Mr. Postman, delivering me such a big envelope written " Petronas Undergraduate Scholarship Program for Overseas".. I was taken aback..Speechless..It was a breathy-taking moment..I was offered to pursue my studies in overseas under Petronas scholarship program..What a luck! I was offered to enter Tunku Jaafar College,Seremban for a 2 years A-level degree program. How I thankful to Him that time, no words can best describe my feelings that time.
The whole week was filled with preparing myself to TJC. I was alone at home in oneserene morning, waking up late..Suddenly, my phone screamed loudly.."Hello..Is this Mr.Muhammad Azrin Zahari?"..A weird-sounding voice calling up my name on the phone, vanishing all my sweet dreams of the day..
"Yes, im on the line".."congrats, You are chosen by Mara in overseas program to US in engineering and bla bla bla..." "What? Could you repeat it again,"i replied reluctantly..And the conversation went on and on, till i received another call from a dean (Dean John.R Veilette ) of the offered university in States..
Another hectic week started with lots of quirelling, arguing, and dont-wanna-to-listen-to-you-guys attitude..My parents said this..My grandpa said that..My teacher told me this, and uncles and aunts told me that..I was really2 confused..Having two lifetime chances in one time and had to decide for only one..Most of my family argued that Petronas wud be much better and job-guaranteed..And i might have chances to go to UK too under Petronas, the place of dream since childhood..But what about the fast-track program to US under Mara..It was a great deal too..I can save up two years of completing my bachelor compared to doing A-level first in blurr..
Once again, i prayed to Him, to give me a guidance..I woke up next morning, receiving another too-early-wake-up call from Dean Veilette and Kak Mazita..This time, i made my own decision, i told both of them that I would take the offer, though I would lose my chance to go to UK..I believe from the bottom of my heart that this was the right decision and He had made me to think so..
My family respected my opinion, but didnt support much at first..I used my saving money to pay for the Student Visa fees, and Malaysian Passport..I did it alone..So hard and so sad that time..
Till now, I still can remember clearly about this story..I relied so much on Him before, but now, I forget Him..He has granted my wishes, but still, I forget to pay my responsibilities to Him as a Muslim..I really forget about who I was before..People easily forget about the past when they embrace comfort in life..and that is what happen to this boy.....

[View My Resume for Reference!][View My interview Essay too!]

Thought of The Day....

Dont be afraid of the big thing if you are only a small one! Don't be coward..Be a man and be ambitious!!-PapaRich

Though I Hate Cats Truly, Madly, and Deeply, but they teach me a great lesson about my life..
(What an annoying black cat actually!!)

Eye On Malaysia>>

tODAY'S hOT pIcK on VaCatIon: Perhentian Island, Malaysia...

This beach is located to the northwest of Perhentian Besar (the Big Island). There are two resorts fronting this beach, namely Perhentian Island Resort and Coral View Island Resort .There are water taxis available for about RM10 per way to get here from the Long Beachat Perhentian Kecil (the Small Island). Crossing the narrow channel that separates this two islands will take about 10 minutes before you get to Teluk Pauh .

The beach is extremely beautiful by any standards. Your first impression would be something like being in a huge natural swimming pool.Walking from Coral View Island Resort to Perhentian Island Resort will involve passing through elevated wooden planks along the rocky cliffs, hence fantastic views can be enjoyed if you embark on this short walk.Naturally there are plenty of tourists here, some were sunbathing while reading their favourite novels while the kids definitely were having fun in the clear blue water. To me, the beach is long and wide enough to find a space to call your own.It comes to no surprise to me when I snorkeled at the beach. The marine life variety is astounding. Not to mention you can easily spot a number of green turtles here too!

Cool shots of Perhentian Island, Malaysia...

..We Should Live In Dignity And Prosperity...

Maximizing your skill, optimizing your managerial techniques, and make full use the golden opportunities in your life. There is no easy way out to succeed in your life. Life is miserable and life is valuable, depending on how you utilize your surrounding opportunities.

Why spend much time on monkey-businessing about others. Mind your own business! That is the ultimate goal that each of us should achieve.

Marketplace is such a paradise for those who sees all the chances beyond it. Time is always limited, chopping down all the opportunities that we have. There is not always money that we are working and yearning for. There is more than that. Quality of life . Live in the ultimate honor.People said that time is gold and money. But money and gold never can buy the time that has passed. The young age that we have now is the time where the exact time to dig as much as skills and knowledge, practices those fundamental knowledge and get on with your business.

Do practice on whatever you are preaching for. Preaches without action are useless. We have the strength given from Allah, we have the brain to configure problems, and we have the power to change the community. Fight for our rights, choose to live in freedom.

Who should we blame?

Malaysia is fast developing now and growing more mature. Independence of 50 years is a precious gift to us to live in freedom, free from oppression, and colonialism. We are physically-freed, but controlled mentalities. What would be the use of first world technologies, but still, third world mentalities. Who are we going to blame?

For 50 years of living in dignity, we are still depending on our Big Brother. We have no esteem, lack of self-reliance, and we are too lazy enough to stand on our own feet. We blame our brother for not making us rich, we blame him for not giving our child the best place to study in, but we forget to blame ourselves for just stand still and do nothing to help improving our own life quality, nevertheless, still there are bunches of ungrateful people, who are only know to protest and to procrastinate the time period of our homeland development.

Now, it is our turn to change people perspective on our own race and religion. We deserve the dignity, and we strive to gain respect. We are the human capital. We are the youth of the nation.

What Do i Believe In>>

(Written on Dec 3, 5.39 A.M.)

For me, Allah s.w.t has made everything perfectly, regardless of age, seniority, skin colors or whatever. He made us from different cultures and diversities to letting us know and learn from each other. We deserve to live in harmony, peace and serene, not creating any mess or disaster to the world that He creates.

Islam urges the people to help each other, giving useful advices and thoughts, reminding one to another. We are united under one ultimate goal of achieving the great 'Faith' or 'iman', leaving this temporary world with the piece of faith to meet Him and to live in the endless world of Hereafter. InsyaAllah.

Ibadah or solitude to God would be the top priority but it does not mean that we can ignore the our daily routines and responsibilities as a son, a daughter, a mother or even a father. We should run our business as usual, without neglecting the prayers and to be humble to him.

What does Islam Says ABout Business?

Running a good and 'Halal' business is a part of ibadah too, like studying, and fasting. Islam encourages the people to work hard to gain a good quality of life, improve the social economic in one's country and enhance the relationship among people of different cultures and religious backgrounds.

Seeking profit is not a bad aim, but it should be secondary. By making Allah the goal, and implementing Islamic rules of honesty, truthfulness, and good behavior with customers, Insha Allah, any Muslim business is bound to boom.

The Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) has said the the honest and truthful businessman will be in Jannah amongst the Prophets the Truthful and the martyrs. Honesty and truthfulness are essential in this business. And when it comes to Muslim businesses, it means building a relationship of trust with customers, which cannot be done with lies and deceit.

Surah al Waqiah (56)

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:
'Whoever recites Surrah al Waqiah at night would never encounter poverty'

Also Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:
'Surah al Waqiah is the Surrah of Wealth, so recite it and teach it to your children'
P/S :Dan Islam juga menggariskan bahawa "Kefakiran boleh membawa kepada kekufuran" ..Think about it!

Reported by: AzrinJr@PapaRich

I am The Youth of The Nation
..and Who Are You??

Don't Be a Loser, Be a Competitor!

Play for more than you can afford to
lose and you will learn the game.
-Winston Churchill-

Wall Street, Manhattan is the location of the New York Stock Exchange and is often used as a symbol for the world of business.

Wall Street Of Opportunities Outside Your Windows

What Happenin'>>
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A brief History About My 2010 Dream Destination>>

Stamford Bridge


Name: Stamford Bridge
Inauguration: 28 April 1877
Capacity: 42,500 seats
Record Attendance: 82,905; Chelsea-Arse
nal, 1935
Address: Fulham Road, London, SW6 1HS (view map)


Clubs: Chelsea FC
Inauguration: 1905
Club colours: Blue & White
Postal address:

Fulham Road

London, SW6 1HS
Tel: 020 7385-5545

Fax: 020 7381 4831

West Stand

West Stand


The stadium is located in the West of London, app. 5 km from the city centre.

From The North, East or West:
Use the M25 to take you round to junction 15 and turn off onto the M4 towards London, follow the M4 which becomes the A4 up to Hammersmith. Stay on it over the Hammersmith flyover and for a further 1.5 miles before turning off for Earls Court. Go past Earls Court station and down the one way system until you hit Fulham Road, turn right at the traffic lights. Go straight on until the ground is on your right.
From The South:
Head for Wandsworth bridge to cross the river. If using Wandsworth bridge, cross the river and head straight up Wandsworth Bridge Road. At the Junction with New Kings Road turn right and then immediately left. This will take you up to Fulham Broadway, turn right onto Fulham Road and the ground will turn up on your left.
Metro (Underground):
Fulham Broadway Station on the District Line.
Nearest airports:
Heathrow Airport (22 km)
Stansted Airport (60 km)
Luton Airport (52 km)
Gatwick Airport (42 km)

TICKET S (Chelsea FC Games)



Buy Tickets:

Tel: 0870 300 2322 (Telesales) or 0870 330 6349

Buy your tickets for sold out matches at Worldticketshop


Plan Your Tours Now!! Join JuniorAries at Stamford on 2009

Wear Blues! Be like the Blues!

A Quick Glance on Malaysia's Today>>

Irfan Khairi is one of the latest Malaysian millionaires to explode into the scene . As a graduate from Staffordshire University, UK , he coaches and trains people to build home based businesses - all from the comfort of his home!
At only 25, he made his first million selling his products and services which he developed himself. Before he started his own Internet
business, he was already working in Netmedia (UK) Ltd - one of the largest IT companies in Birmingham as a multimedia consultant and system developer.

He was part of the team that created the Learning Grid , an internet learning system used by over 5,000 schools across the UK.

Later on, he decided to try his luck in starting a part time business - and he found out that he could make more money with it! So he quit his job, put 100% into his business and within 3 years, he earned RM 1 million net profit without workers. And his start-up cost was RM 500. He never stopped there: Irfan Khairi was a guest on Selamat Pagi Malaysia (TV1) and was featured on several local newspapers. He aligned himself with other strong players like Azizi Ali ( the no. 1 financial speaker in Malaysia) and wrote a book titled "Rahsia Jutawan-Jutawan Internet terbongkar”. His latest venture is the Internet Millionaire's Playshop - an educational workshop where he gives participants an insight of his unique business techniques.

So guys, make a judgement now. Who are you? We are human-being like him too. Well, he is an ordinary "Malay Young Guy"..So, what's so special? Perhaps, you are better than him, who knows?May God blesses him and hoping that a lot more of young malay entrepreneurs would turn out after this. Reported by: AzrinJr@ PapaRich

My Business 'Guru'

Sign up to be the next Irfan Khairi at:
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